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Jorden Dupuis (USA):
Dear Marius,
I absolutely love the SignGenius program! I am a freshman in college and am an Elementary Ed/Special Ed Major and want to work with the Deaf community so your program has helped me tremendously by giving me the extra resources I need for my degree! Thank you so much!
Marci Lawrence (USA):
   I got it downloaded!  It is great!  I will play around with the demo version and will most likely order it.  I think I will be very happy with it.  Is it a one time fee? [Yes it is]   Thanks so much!  Marci***
Balbino A Aseves (USA):
    I write with great joy and to inform you that your word is your honor.  I have received your software package as of Oct 21.  Thank you for keeping your word and I will spread the word about this great product......Once again, Thank you.  Balbino.
Andisile Besiti (RSA):

Good day to you Marius,

I must say, I am very impressed with the program.  I am currently drafting a recommendation for us to get it for my organisation.

I have previously learnt the very basic SASL, and now I want to start learning full words, phrases, - the more advanced language.

I will be intouch with you soon.



   _    _____   ____    _    _  
 / _ \ |  _  | |  _ \  | |  | |
| /_\ || | | | | |_| |  \ \/ /
|_| |_||_| |_| |____/    |__| 

>> Dear Andisile, >> May I use your comment for our
testimonial section on our
>> website without revealing any of your contact details? >> >> Regards, >> >> Marius van Tubbergh! >> >>
Good day Marius,

You can certainly do that.  There is one thing that I am sure of, anybody who gets a copy of a demo will like it.  Even if my organisation is not able to fund it, I will certainly get a copy of the full version.

 One thing that I see the program will help me in – is building from my basic knowledge, a solid understanding that I will be able to use and also transfer the knowledge to some of my colleagues as I am running the customer care centre wherein I can get a deaf person needing some information and nobody will understand what he or she needs.

I strongly recommend it.


   _    _____   ____    _    _  
 / _ \ |  _  | |  _ \  | |  | |
| /_\ || | | | | |_| |  \ \/ /
|_| |_||_| |_| |____/    |__| 

Andisile Besiti
Service Standards & Customer Care Services
Province of the Eastern Cape: PROVINCIAL TREASURY

Mary Swingler (USA):

Dear Marius van Tubbergh,

  I don't know how I can possibly thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping me. Thank you just seems so inadequate.

  You have a wonderful day, thank you again.


                       Mary Swingler

Charlene Jones (USA):
Marius, I just want to thank you for writing me back you would not believe how many people I've tried to contact here in the Miami, Florida area that will not call or e-mail me back, however I did find someone in California. Again thank you so much, Charlene
Clifford Rosenberg (USA):
Dear Marius,
You are awesome. I was wondering when the CD's would arrive and you send me an e-mail update right on cue. In a world where people generally don't care, thank you for showing me care and respect.
Nicky Bezuidenhout (UK):
Thanks Marius,

I think your demo version is fab.

I am currently studying British Sign Language - Level
2 at Bournville College in Birmingham, UK.

I hope to return to South Africa in the next year or
two, and plan to continue my studies towards becoming
an interpreter for the Deaf.

I will delighted to come across your website, as there
are some major differences between BSL and SASL. 

As soon as I have the money, I would like to buy the
full version to give myself a jump-start to learning

Great product - well done.

Nicky Bezuidenhout
Dionne Parks (USA):
Hello Marius.

I didn't realize my card was never charged because I thought I once saw it pending when I initially placed the order.  So thank you for clarifying.

At any rate, I finally received the package yesterday (11/24/06) and I've not had an opportunity to open it, but I wanted to tell you that I will keep the product and let you know that you have authorization to charge my credit card for this software.

Thank you, for your diligence in following through at every step in this matter.  Your actions and timely responses certainly changed my mind from thinking I'd neveragain want to do business with this company to looking forward to doing business again in the future .  Your honesty, diligence, and kindness made a huge difference!

Again, thank you!

Dionne Parks
Robert Marlowe (USA):
Sorry, I got too involved after Christmas to send feedback...
To say my Daughter was "pleased", would be an understatement...
As soon as I loaded it on her laptop, I set the program to test mode, and handed it to her.
She stayed involved with it for about 25mins, 'til we had to make her stop
and come to eat Christmas Dinner...
Looks like a tremendous product which will get much use.
She is also going to show her College ASL instructor the system
Becka Penhollow (USA):
I do only have macs.  If you ever decide to create software that is mac
compatible, let me know!  Your software seemed like exactly what I have been
looking for.  Thank you for getting back to me!
David Shemariah (USA):

I received and installed the SignGenius Program today (1-11-07) and think it is terrific.  Thank you for following up.

David Shemariah

"We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are." -- Anonymous,

Susan Peterie (USA):
I wanted to let you know that the package arrived on Wednesday !!!
Thank you for resending this CD and I really appreciate everything
you've done to make things right.

Desmond van Wyk (RSA):
Hi Marius

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful work you have done on SignGenius although I have only looked at the demo. Well I don't really know if my opinion counts as I am only starting out to understand to get to know what sign language actually is about. Hope my curiosity doesn't kill me as this awesome program of yours has most definitely enhanced it.

Best regards