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South African Sign Language
SignGenius SASL Pro 3

South African Sign Language

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Key features

2221 video clips, 50 categories and 17 sub-categories to learn sign language from.
Includes an easy to use South African Sign Language Dictionary or Tutor module.
Advanced Search function.
Slow play.
Frame-by-frame viewing of videos.

Ability to keep track of best test scores per category.

Auto Updates.
Operates without CD.

For SignGenius SASL Pro we created 2221 video clips of the most frequently used signs.
All the basic signs that you are most likely to use are included in this group. Once you have worked your way through these signs, you will be able to communicate effectively in just about any situation.

For anyone

SignGenius SASL Pro will teach you Sign Language - even if you can't finger spell your own name. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience in Sign Language.

There is also no age limit. If you can read English, you can use this software to learn Sign Language.

Without the hassle

Sign Language classes have, for many years, been the only way to learn Sign Language. Books don't really help because they can't show movement. Videos are slightly better, but a pain when you want to quickly look up a specific sign, replay one sign or test yourself.

The problem with Sign Language classes is that you have to stick to it. Attending regularly - especially after hours - quickly becomes a real chore.

SignGenius solves the problem.

You can learn

As much as you want,
when you want to,
at your own pace,
in your own home,
in you pajamas if you want :-)

Tips, Tutor, Test, Score!

SignGenius SASL Pro has 4 modules: Tips, Tutor, Test and a Score module.

Tips This section gives a good overview of the basic hand shapes and movements that you need to know in order to use sign language correctly.

This is the part where you do most of the learning - and where you'll spend most of your SignGenius time. It is where the 2197 video clips are found, neatly grouped into 65 categories. Simply click on a category to see the words, then click on a word to see the associated sign. There's no slow loading or delays. The video clip plays almost immediately.

Can't find that word? Just type the word (or the first few letters) in the search box and SignGenius finds it for you!

Test Have it all memorized? Time to test yourself. Use the monkey-puzzle style test feature to see if you can associate the video clips with the correct words. You don't have to learn all 2197 signs before you can use the test feature. You can test yourself one category at a time.
Score This section lets you save your test scores. Great for parents and teachers to accurately measure progress, great for kids to prove that they really did get all the answers right and great for you to keep track of your own "high scores" and improve.


Marci Lawrence (USA):
   I got it downloaded!  It is great!  I will play around with the demo version and will most likely order it.  I think I will be very happy with it.  Is is a one time fee?  Thanks so much!  Marci***
Andisile Besiti (RSA):

Good day to you Marius,

I must say, I am very impressed with the program.  I am currently drafting a recommendation for us to get it for my organisation.

I have previously learnt the very basic SASL, and now I want to start learning full words, phrases, - the more advanced language.

I will be intouch with you soon.



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