Why emphasize early Language Learning?
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Why emphasize early Language Learning?

All babies should be exposed to language after birth, although it normally starts with sound, parents present and not particularly legible, but tone and pitch of voice together with facial expressions do stimulate responses from their baby. This stimulation of the senses (normally seeing and hearing) enacts on the nerve system and the learning process is on its way. With many repetitions brain pattern are laid down and intelligent reactions start to occur. This is the beginning of a lifelong strife for the brain to be exercised and to expand. The brain, which is not stimulated and exercised, degenerates over time.

Thus the priority of learning at the earliest age possible is emphasized by most authoritative educators.

If this is the natural cultivation of human knowledge and ability it should be critical to deaf babies as well. Exposure to gestures must start when deafness is diagnosed. Diagnosing deafness should occur before the end of the first month after birth. The stimuli to speech is believed to enhance other brain functions and the exercise of gesturing has advantages not fully comprehended yet. ASL promoters seems to have the same urgency to expose diagnosed deafness at the soonest appropriate time possible to sign language.

Parents should equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to the situation when realization dawns about their child's deafness.