Why does American Deaf People choose ASL?
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Why does American Deaf people choose ASL as their first language of communication?

The choice of communication media is not merely vested in the deaf person's preferences, but to a greater extent in the fact that deafness is mostly diagnosed at a younger age, where nine out of ten hearing guardians choose the way they seem fit.
Therefore the correct information must be available concerning the total spectrum of a life without hearing. This responsibility rests solely with the organizations catering in this subject and more so, organizations operating not to profit of which NAD (National Association of the Deaf) in the US is the most prominent.

Considering ASL's capabilities and the general distribution of availability throughout North America, its is no wonder ASL is the first choice. ASL is reputed to be used as much as the 4 most common used languages of the lesser group of languages in the US. It is the first language of the Deaf Community in North America.

Also to consider is the fact that most educational institutions in the US for the Deaf teach ASL. See our topic [coming soon :)] on educational institutions in the US on this Website.

Some educational institutions for the hearing lately also provides facilities for the Deaf and the hearing alike and ASL seems to be their first choice as well. To make the correct decision regarding this we suggests NAD to be the primary source.