Which Sign Language should one learn first?
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Which Sign Language should one then learn first?

To find the correct solution, we need to consider the culture and geographical region we inhabits. Obviously French, Germans, South Africans and others should learn what is in use in their immediate vicinity but where a variety of sign languages is in use this gets a bit more complicated. For this discussion we will look at Canada and the US.

To develop fluent signing in general ASL is recommended as a priority especially if the person has acquired English as a language. ASL is by far the more commonly used means of communication by the Deaf in North America.

Hearing schools, as a second language, credits ASL as a recognized subject.

Some who is acquainted in Signing Exact English do not understand ASL. This is because, when the sentence is compiled SEE user would be confused by the sign of the verb e.g. being out of place in SEE language and would conclude it being a new sign (word).

Higher education also prefers ASL which is an important consideration to further education. They probably based their choice on the extensive distribution of the utilization of ASL in North America. Also the fact that the conversation when ASL is used is quicker to read and understand by both the signer and the interpreter. These results supposedly was not acquired by design but by its natural development in use by the Deaf community, itself.