Where can I get more information about ASL vocabulary?
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Where can I get more information about ASL vocabulary?

SignGenius offers a user friendly program with a wide variety of signs at an accommodating costing level that seems to be truly value for money if compared in the market.

This software can be used where, and when one would choose at one's own convenience if one has a personal computer available and requires no internet access to operate.

It seems that most of the common drivers and software is compatible to its design. This means of study could be very helpful, especially where one is considering further education.

ASL features include:

2973 video clips
44 categories
21 sub categories
Advance Search functions
Slow play
Ability to keep track of best test scores per category
Auto Updates
Operating without CD
Tips module
Tutor Module (Sign Language Dictionary)
Test module
High scores module

In SignGenius ASL Pro, we created 2973 video clips covering about 90% of the sign language vocabulary (est). The tutor module or dictionary have an extensive reference feature and at the same time serve as compiled study material. This is the most comprehensive Sign Language Program available today. Now anyone can learn American Sign Language in the comfort of his / her lounge.

Whether you spell it:
- Sign Language American
- American Sign Language
SignGenius ASL Pro 3 will give one the advantage one needs.

Besides this, there is library's, videos and other software available in most centra all over North America as well as on Internet.