What percentage of functionally Deaf Americans are employed in US?
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What percentage of Deaf Americans are employed in the US?

Statistics do not specifically establish any figures concerning any group in particular, because of the way census forms are constituted. All people with disabilities are categorized as one group, and no distinctions is made. It clearly shows the lack of meaningful statistics, concerning facts about the Hard of Hearing and Deaf, because no census ever to establish the reality of this part of the population in the US exists. If one considers the resources available, and The Bill of Rights in the United States of America, this seems to be a controversy which is almost unexplainable, but hopefully someone would realize these imperfections and by as simple as reconstructing official census documents, all needed statistics would be available to address all issues meaningful and cost effectively.
Lately there seems to be a tendency to be more indiscriminate to disabled people in general because of a lot of lobbying and factual information, that shows disabled people as efficient as any fully functional person, if used in its field of expertise. See topic [coming soon :)] on Famous Deaf People in this Website.

As in a hearing world, people who are acquainted to one another, tends to promote one another's abilities in society. Most successful applications for employment is contained in the fact that the applicant is or was known to an existing or former employee of the company or that such a promoter is aware of an opening where he is employed. There is no reason it should be otherwise in Deaf communities or in an extended circle of family and friends, containing a deaf or hard of hearing member's.

We can reasonably conclude that any person who truly wants to work, should be able to find employment, although it might not be exactly what he or she wants, as it is the case with any normal functional person as well.