What is the prospects for my Deaf child?
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What is the prospects for my Deaf child?

We have been studying the topic of deafness extensively and although not claiming to have all solutions, nevertheless are amazed at the resolute pervasion of all involved in the holistic picture of a silent world. Some have realized opportunity and others chose to serve. Most have contributed.

Technology has played its part and we believe will continue to do so. More knowledge is accumulated every day and techniques to apply seems to be mastered more and more. Education seems to be more readily available. Combining education, techniques and technology as a holistic approach, or each field on its own merits, seems to enhance life quality to such an extend that the conclusion must be one of satisfaction.
Even though most or all the above where not available in the past, look at some predecessors and their accomplishments. Our topic [coming soon :)] on famous deaf people on this Website tells more.

It is a fact to remember that man are not born equal. We all are created uniquely, similar but very different. Perseverance and application seem to be the deciding factor. Whatever the conditions or circumstances, those who keep on walking shifts their vicinity and changes their environment. If direction is chosen with knowledge and insight, great expectations are attainable. Own application, the will to strife and persistence to attain destiny, together with compassionate support, each to its own given ability brings fulfillment, for some sooner but for all attainable.