What is SEE (Signed Exact English)?
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What is SEE (Signed Exact English)?

To code English for deaf people, signs and finger spelling were designed in the correct word order, grammar and vocabulary of the English language to imitate English language as it is used in spoken English. This design is called Signed Exact English.

To clarify:The graph below explains the same phenomena as above adding ASL and highlighting differences:

TODAY WE HAD MUCH RAIN. (correct English grammar) English
Today we had much rain. (there is a sign for each word in the sentence in the correct order) SEE

Translation of above:

Today rain much (reversed word order almost like Latin) ASL

There seems to be very little comparison between ASL and SEE and for that matter English because of the way the word order is used in the sentence in ASL, and the different word order as it is used in English speech and SEE. The majority of signs to indicate the exact word (object, subject and verb) in question are however similar for both Signing Exact English and ASL. We know there is a distinct difference in formal English pronunciation of words compared to the pronunciation of American English of the same words. In England huge differences in pronunciation exists from town to town and North and south American pronunciation has a distinct difference in accent.