What is American Sign Language?
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What is American Sign Language?

ASL (American Sign Language) is an expression of a series of standardized signals including recognizable hand movements, facial expressions and body postures to communicate, uniformly preserved in written text for references and monotropism as a complete and complex language created by, and for Deaf people in Canada and the United States of America.

ASL has its own identity in grammar and syntax where the verb always succeeds the object, with an ASL-English dictionary and the reversed English-ASL dictionary. It is claimed that there exists a record of at least 10,000 signs in ASL but in reality with inventions and adaptations, who can really put a number on the quantity of signs. Compared to Chinese dictionaries, some of which contains up to 50,000 pictures the possibilities in reality are endless. ASL is reputed to be utilized as much as the 4th most common used languages of the lesser group of languages in the US. It is the First language of the Deaf Community in North America.

To understand more about ASL a "demo" software dictionary is available on this Website.

There are however threats of not realizing the potential of American Sign Language, due to a lack of funds and new technology, shrinking the quantity of users and not justifying the amounts of revenue needed to develop to the extent it needs, to fulfill expectations.