What does authoritative meaning concludes about ASL and Sign Language?
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What does authoritative meaning concludes about ASL and other Sign Languages?

Educational scientists have been aware of the value of association in education. Association is used the same way as flash cards, where a picture represents content of text and is called memory mapping. This method is found to be a superior way of memorizing content.

All sign languages rely on visual series of signs to form a picture, resulting in memory mapping. This may also be the reason why sign language users seems to be able to respond to visual imagery measurably faster than the hearing. The way ASL is construed, grammar wise, ideally gives it the edge, even more so than other sign languages. All the above enhances the development and processing abilities of brain functioning as it seems, according to researchers, by this method brain patterns is best engraved.

By the same token concerning brain patterns, it is possible to assume, the earlier the exposure to memory mapping, the better the results would be. Research indeed has confirmed it to be the case and most authorities supports the notion, to expose deaf children as early as possible to sign language.

If the conclusions here above is acceptable, then obviously all other sign languages will have similar advantages concerning brain growth and development.