Why do people read and write spoken language ?
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Why do people read and write spoken language?

Again we should look back at the beginning. We could assume, the different tongues in the homogeneous people might have contributed in somewhat of a confusion if the ingredients of the spoken word in that specific group was not standardized and the vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar to formulate ideas were not the same over that specific spectrum.

To harmonize and standardize the language it was contained in clusters of characters with its inherent nature to preserve, but also in a way, to leave room for its natural development as a living language to adapt to new circumstances. This leave spaces to develop as new inventions and insights of the cosmos expands and technical words are needed to explain the same, and very evident in most modern languages where certain adscititious words are incorporated.

Now the way was open to put ideas and notions into preservation and to enable others to have insight into such preservations and to enrich such a mind. The accumulation of knowledge and transference thereof to future generations did not rely on oral memory alone but vast experiences become available to any inquisitive mind at any time if the documented word was available.

Today, he who so would choose, could study in any imaginable sphere of discipline, with all the historical knowledge accumulated in this discipline and do not have to rely on his own experience because of documented scripts. All the aforesaid shows the real reason for the enormous expansion of knowledge and growth as it is experienced today.