What is the Definition of Written Language?
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What is the definition of written language?

Intelligent vocal sounds (speech) inherent of a specific linguistic anthology, interpreted in such a way that a collection of specific recognizable created characters (alphabetical signs) were allocated to specific sounds (speech and words) indicating specific meaning (objects, subjects and verbs) and with relevant connecting rules, ideas could be formulated and preserved as simple or complex sentences in written language.
We should look back in history, and the discovery of clay tablets with either laws, poetry or trade records, tells us that the written word was developed in the distant past.

Various alphabets e.g. Egyptian, Phoenician, Hebrew, Greek, Roman and Chinese, has come into use of which the somewhat adapted Greek-Roman alphabet commonly in use today has 26 characters and the Chinese dictionary who pictures objects, concepts and ideas with a symbol, can contain up to 50,000 symbols, the most complicated, written language.

When a tongue is in a recognizable written form, the clans traditions and history (culture) is correctly preserved depending on the circumstances of the relevant period and the integrity of the historian (scribe). This contributes to the culture's self-respect, an entity of its own and in a greater cosmos, an equal to others. Written language is an easy way to enhance the inheritance of culture, standards and uniformity, to accumulate and bequeath knowledge and skills and the profit is belonging and the realization of accomplishment.