What is the Definition of Language?
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What is the definition of language?

Language is vested in culture and the origin of spoken language is as old as humanity itself. We could well imagine people from the distant past living in families with a particular spoken tongue clustering together to form a clan. Geographically together in security and subsistence they would harmonize as a culture, protecting it with all their power to survive in a world as it was known to them and not very much different from the same principles philosophized today.

Today we are aware of spoken languages that has become extinct mainly because the people of that culture, were incorporated or annihilated by others. We also know that all modern languages have its origin in similar older versions of somewhat different vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation e.g. Old English, Old German, Orthodox Greek, etc. and Latin, who now is not used as a spoken language, any more but has richly contributed to so many languages and for that matter cultures.

What then would be the definition of language? Language is a way to communicate ideas comprehensibly from one person to another in such a way that the other will be able to act exactly accordingly. The transportation of such ideas could be acquired by either verbal expression, signing in alphabet (written word) and perhaps if we can imagine two parties with different tongue, signing with gestures and images.

To recapitulate, specific people with a certain way of life and a specific tongue, in a certain country equals a specific culture.