Comparison between ASL and Spoken Language?
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What is the comparison between ASL and Spoken Language?

It seems, that with the difference of speech and speech related matters which has to do with the auditory sense, all other ingredients to qualify as a language is present in ASL. Spoken language is interpreted by being able to hear while the eyes have taken over this specific sense's function to receive communication, as it is the case in al sign language users.


Spoken Language
geography geography
culture culture
history history
alphabet alphabet
vocabulary vocabulary
grammar grammar
dictionary dictionary
uniformity uniformity
regulated regulated
freedom to develop freedom to develop
gestures (hand's, face and body) speech
body language punctuation

The graph here above clearly shows the building blocks which most modern languages have in common with ASL and the critical factors that firmly entrenches it in history as a vibrant living language. The only contraventions in the use of ASL, lies in expression to convey intelligent communication.