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Sign Language - Tips :: Sign Language - Tutor :: Sign Language - Test :: Sign Language - High Scores
Sign Language - Tips (Opens in new window)

The tips module is the ideal starting point.
Here you will learn the basic differences between hand-shapes and much more...

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Sign Language - Tutor (Opens in new window)

This is the the tutor module and you will find this dictionary with 2973 videos very useful. An advance search function will enables you to find any given sign without a hassle.

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Sign Language - Test (Opens in new window) Testing your Sign Language knowledge have never been more fun as with the test module. You can complete a test on any given category you like. High scores will be saved to measure your progress.

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Sign Language - High Scores (Opens in new window) Competition is always a good motivation for improvement. Compete against yourself or any friend. All high scores are recorded and can be viewed in the high score module.

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