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Learn Sign Language - Risk Free
Is there anything that is totally "risk free"? That's a question I've asked myself on several occasions. So here's what I believe "risk free" really means:
  • Can I make you a promise and keep it?
  • Can I give you credible testimonials from my existing clients?
My Short Answer To This Is: "Yes, I can!".
My Guarantees

I can promise you the moon and the stars and the sun and... But I know any impractical claims will leave you with skeptical thoughts.

My Realistic And Practical Guarantees To You Are:

  • I guarantee, to give you outstanding service and respond times on all of your e-mail enquiries
  • I guarantee that, if you put in a reasonable effort, that you will learn the sign language alphabet within one day
  • I guarantee that I will always treat you with utmost respect
  • I guarantee that should you not be 100% satisfied with my product, I will give you ALL of your money back after your return the product to our business address
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My Services Standard

Have you ever had the feeling that you mean nothing as a customer when you've had a complaint with a bank or while trying to solve a dispute with your insurance company?

My company is a medium size business and I prefer to keep it that way. Why? Because I can promise you service that you will not be able to find with larger businesses. And just because I am a medium size business does not mean I am unable to deal with the big shots. Amongst my customers you will find Universities and State Departments.

My Service Agreement With You:

  • I will reply to all emails within 2 business days (maximum), and I'll try to respond the same day.
Happy Customers

My software is being used by thousands of happy customers. I believe that a successful company is build upon happy customers. You are more than welcome to have a look at my testimonials.

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Universities & State Departments are enjoying the "SignGenius Benefits"
UNISA, a world leading university, has choosen to use my software. The Department of Human Services, Iowa is also using SignGenius. If they trust me, you certainly can. For less than the price of a family meal you can make a lifetime investment. Invest Now!
Home schooling
My software has very quickly become the #1 choice for home schooling moms. The reason being...
Learn Sign Language, It's Your Calling
You have a burning desire to learn sign language. It is something that you want to do since you can remember. I have had the very same passion to learn sign language, but
Money Back Guarantee

You have been looking at sign language learning materials and tools to aid you in your study. I know by my own experiences that there are a lot of disappointment out there.

Therefore I decided to eliminate any risk that might hinder you to make the better choice. My 100% money back guarantee is just another way to prove to you that I am so confident that you will find my product to your benefit and in case you do not, I will give you all your money back. No questions asked!

Lets do the Maths
  • You Pay $0.018 Per Video
  • A Family Meal Can Easily Cost You $50.00
  • Your Loved Ones Are Priceless
  • Knowledge Is Power, Don't Miss An Opportunity


Lets do the Benefits
  • You Learn In The Safety Of Your Own Home
  • Communicate To Your Beloved Deaf Friend Or Relative In His Home Tongue
  • It Is An Once-Off Fee For A Lifetime Investment!
"No More Excuses"

I want to remind you again, I am so confident about my software that I will give you 100% of your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

Want To See More

If you want a preview of my work, go ahead and look at my learn american sign language alphabet page.

You can also download my free SignGenius Pro demo version and discover how easy learning sign language can be.