Discrimination against the Deaf
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Discrimination Against The Disabled

There has always been discrimination against disabled people and less favorable treatment of people suffering from mental or physical disabilities. People with disabilities have been consistently discriminated against both in employment and in other areas of life.


Until 1995 in the United Kingdom, the law only intervened in the area of employment of disabled people. For example, only certain classes of jobs could employ people with disabilities and be registered as such. Now legislation also covers other areas like education and public transport. Previously, there were no set requirements for service providers to make their services accessible to the people with disabilities. This often presented considerable difficulties to people with physical disabilities to gain access to premises.

An act of Parliament, the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, introduced requirements in the fields of employment and the provision of services to outlaw certain aspects of discrimination against disabled people. To comply with the requirements of the law, businesses subject to it have to incur considerable costs. Nevertheless the specifications still fall short of the demands made by campaigners on behalf of disabled people. Disabled people can however take action on an individual basis when they are discriminated against. Unfortunately the Act only affects employers of 20 people or more.

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