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VOCTIDSA Statistics

VOCTIDSA undertook its own research amongst a number of universities and the spread of their student numbers. The purpose was to determine how many disabled students there are and what percentage are hearing impaired.


Only 7 of 21 universities responded to our enquires. The total number of students attending these seven universities is 161 776. Of these, 645 are disabled students, giving a percentage of 0.398%. Of the disabled group 58 per cent are hearing impaired giving a percentage of 0.035% of the total number of students.

The other aim of the research done by VOCTIDSA, was to determine the average qualifications of Deaf living in Pretoria and the surrounding areas. It was found that only 12% have grade 9 or higher. Of these, 72% are Whites and 26% are Africans while the other racial groups make up the remaining 2%.

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