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Sign Language

Sign Language is developed as a language to meet the need of the Deaf to communicate with each other. Sign Language is a visual language where the use of the hands, face, head and upper torso is processed by the eyes. In fact, verbal languages are created by using the mouth, tongue and vocal chords and are processed by the ears.

In different countries, no Sign Language is the same. Thus in UK we have the British Sign Language (BSL), in the United States there is American Sign Language (ASL), in Ethiopia Ethiopian Sign Language (ESL) and in SA, South African Sign Language (SASL). In fact, Sign Language is a living language with many facets, dialogue and is changing as the need arises.

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George Veditz (1904), an American Deaf teacher who eventually became the President of the American National Association of the Deaf said, "As long as we have Deaf people, we will have Sign Language."