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Sign Language is not a language that can be written down, but is a picture telling you what is needed in order to communicate. Therefore when using this software program, think in pictures, not words.

When using Sign Language, there are different ways to express what you want to say. The movement of the hands, arms and the head plays a big role in Sign Language.

Another important thing is facial expression and body movements. As this is a Basic Sign Language Course, we will concentrate on the first three movements. In the Advanced Sign Language course we will do the last two & communication.

In hand movements we find different hand shapes like:

1. Flat hand

2. Open flat hand

3. Flat hand with extended fingers

4. Flat hand with index finger on top of the thumb

5. Thumb and little finger in O-shaped form ( the rest of the fingers is open and flat)

6. Extended index finger (last three fingers flat on palm and thumb flat onto palm and middle finger)

7. Extended index finger (last three fingers and thumb in a O-shaped form)

8. Hooked index finger (last three fingers and thumb in a fist form)

9. The index finger and thumb in C-form (the other fingers in a fist form)

10. All fingers and thumb in C-form

11. a Fist

12. All fingers in a fist form with extended thumb

13. Extended little and index finger and thumb (two other fingers on the palm)

14. Extended little finger (the rest in fist form)

15. a Pear-formed fist

16. a Full O-shaped hand (all fingers on the thumb)

17. a O-shaped hand (the index finger on the thumb and other fingers in half extended form)

18. Back of the hand down with thumb and fingers pointed upward

19. Middle and thumb in O-shaped form with the rest of the fingers half extended

20. Back of the hand to outside with thumb and open fingers pointed to a person

21. L-shaped form (extended thumb and index finger with the last three fingers in fist form)

22. Middle with thumb in pear shaped form with extended little and index fingers

23. And many other

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All the above-mentioned hand shapes have movements like:

1. Close (20 to 11) (cheap)

2. Close (18 to 15) (autumn)

3. Open (15 to 18)(grow)

4. Twist of arm with 8 (quick)

5. Direction (move 7 away from head) (discuss)

6. Direction (19 to 20) (inform)

7. Circular (move 21 in a circle inward) (local)

8. Swinging (move 21 to both side) (Limpopo)

9. Up and Down movements (use 2) (sea)

10. Twisting of wrist (use 6) (impossible)

11. And many more

Position play a very important role because the hand shape may be the same but the position differs.

1."Brain", "head" and "mind" have the same hand shape but different position

2. Also, they can be in the same position on the head but have different hand shapes

3. The same applies for the body