Structure of DEAFSA
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The Structure of DEAFSA

The Structure of DEAFSA

Structure of DEAFSA


The following objectives from the basis towards which all DEAFSA's activities are geared:

1. To develop and maintain grassroots structures and projects for the empowerment of Deaf people on a national, provincial or local level.

2. To assist and guide in the formation of local societies or clubs for/of Deaf people.

3. To promote the recognition of Sign Language as the official language used by Deaf people in South Africa.

4. To develop curricula and training in South African Sign Language and interpreter services and to establish and maintain standards of Sign Language training and interpreter services.

5. To be the official representation channel between members of DEAFSA and the government for the purposes of equalization of opportunities and full participation and integration of Deaf people in society.

6. To cooperate with government in all measures concerning the human rights of Deaf people and to ensure that the human rights and welfare of Deaf people are reflected in all government legislation.

7. To educate the public and promote public awareness of Deaf people and deafness by disseminating information and research findings.

8. To investigate the living and accessibility conditions of Deaf people in South Africa and to observe, address, protect, and promote the human rights of all Deaf people in all spheres.

9. To promote Deaf awareness, Deaf culture and life skills amongst Deaf people to enable them to become self-assertive and empowered.

10. To promote research and training programs to meet the specific needs of the Deaf community.

11. To research any question or proposal concerning the causes of deafness and the education, training, employment and well being of Deaf people.

12. To raise funds and to market services and/or projects aimed at Deaf people to the general public.

13. To cooperate with all national and international organizations of the Deaf and other disabled groups.

14. These broad objectives or goals are striving towards within the parameters of each of the following specific key aims of DEAFSA.

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