Integration in Society
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Adjustment To Deafness:
Integration In Society

1. For public or staff meetings, discussions, court appearances, affidavits, lectures: find out if the Deaf or hard of hearing person needs a Sign Language Interpreter, note-taker or lip speaker and arrange accordingly.

2. It is important to arrange the most effective seating for the Sign Language interpreter prior to public meetings/conferences.

3. Any meeting place, restaurant, etc. must have good lighting.

4. Ask Sign Language users to teach you basic signs or learn sign language conveniently with SignGenius Pro.

5. Remember, written language is the second language of the Deaf person who communicates in Sign Language.

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6. Make sure that the Deaf people receive written documents in simple language.

7. Make sure that the person remains informed of family discussions or unforeseen happenings, e.g. changes of plans or new developments.

8. Make sure that the person understands your message correctly.

9. Emergency services need to be equipped with teldems/fax machines, and the deaf community must be made aware of these facilities.

10. There are a variety of devices that can assist people with hearing loss at home, in the workplace and public situations.