Adjustment to Deafness
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Adjustment To Deafness

Deafness does not only affect the person with hearing loss, but also every person or institution he/she comes into contact with:

· School and Tertiary Institutions
· General Public
· Emergency Services
· Church
· Tourism
· Workplace
· Sport

Not all people experience deafness in the same way. The following factors influence the functioning of a person with hearing loss:

1. Onset of deafness.
2. Cause of deafness.
3. Degree of hearing loss.
4. Time of identification/stimulation/treatment.
5. Support and assistance of family - presence of additional/second disability.
6. General condition of health.
7. Socio-economic circumstances.

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The above determines the following:

1. The communication method that the individual will prefer.
2. The education method best suited to the needs of the person.
3. The assertive devices the person may need and be able to afford.
4. The career the person may (be able to) follow.
5. Socialization within society.
6. The individual's acceptance of and adjustment to the hearing loss.