Famous Deaf People
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Famous Deaf People

The aim of this discussion is not to give a description of historically deaf people who once, despite the limitations not to hear, has excelled in their environment, but so much more to state the obvious fact that despite circumstances, hearing and deaf alike, can reach seemingly unattainable goals if the individual would apply one to one's full potential.

There was a time and an era where society has looked on all that have not been fully able as people afflicted by the curse of their gods. Even in biblical times disabled people were seen as to be god forsaken. It is not clear whether they were completely abandoned, but people who were lame, blind or leprous, have banded together or were left at certain venues, and have been recounted in many scriptures. The perception of society to label, classify and ultimately discriminate has only recently been broken with knowledge becoming more common. It would be in context to claim if one's hearing is affected or has any other disability, it surely does not imply that one's brain would not function properly.

It would only be fair to add here the people who have applied their talents, to develop and advance the potential, locked up in deaf people. The means to unlock such potential is the result of people who, in some cases had a lifelong ambition and passion, to dedicate their energy and time through their tireless efforts unselfishly, to find ways to break the barriers of silence.

Therefore the people discussed here in, is not a complete list of deaf or hard of hearing or hearing people, who has contributed to normalize diversity in society, for it is impossible to bring commendation to the countless people dedicated to the deaf, including the contribution of the Deaf, itself.

To conclude, we are all born, some with obvious limitations, to excel and to live a meaningful life and at the end of it all, to be content with the time and space we have occupied. Not to be able or to neglect to express the huge potential of the spirit, is the crime of the living and the dead, of the deaf and the hearing, alike.