Microphone, processor and transmitter
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Cochlear Implant
Microphone, processor and transmitter:

The external component (microphone, processor and transmitter) collects sound and process the quality and quantity to pre-set algorithms (which is more complicated and sophisticated than the earlier models). Signals are divided into different frequency zones (bandpass filters) and the algorithm selects, depending on the quantity of implanted conducters, a number of the most distinctive intrusions from the filters to enhance temporal speech via the processor. The external component is magnetically designed to attach to the receiver positioned under the skin with no mechanical connection to the outside to minimize infectional risks.

To activate conductors and to apply relevant voltage to the appropriate conductors, processed information is then transmitted via radio frequencies, tuned into the implanted component. Damage to nerve cells and tissue could occur, when to high a voltage is applied to the conductors, by electrocuting the cells. Research and new technology seem to be able to overcome the shortcomings of the current devices and in future should have a more enhanced quality of hearing.

The receiver forms part of the implanted component and directives (processed information) as well as energy to power the implant is received from the transmitter via radio frequencies.