How Cochlear Implant works
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Cochlear Implant
How Cochlear Implant works?

The cochlear implant intervenes mechanically into sensorineural (relating to the neural process of sensation) hearing, by using the tonotopically (a pitch or change in pitch of the voice that distinguishes words in tonal languages and frequency to place mapping) process of formation. This intervention takes place in the modiolus (conical shape inside the cochlea) of which the inside is divided in two by the basilar membrane but inter-connected at the apex by the helicotrema in the inner ear. Through any number of conductors (which in essence replace the follicles in the inner, and the middle and outer ear functions altogether), electrical stimulation is relayed to the vestibulocochlear nerve. Impulses generated by the process of different frequencies from the conductors, in a similar manner as the different follicles in a healthy ear would, stimulates our brain to processes information received as sound.