Manufacturers of Cochlear Implants
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Cochlear Implant

Criteria for choosing a certain manufacture is not dissimilar than from choosing a mobile phone. What tends to decide users favor is:

  • battery life
  • cosmetic acceptability
  • anatomical concerns
  • reliability
  • application of external components
  • customers service
  • surgeon and audiologists preference since similar features in the application of the primary goal is very competitive

Research indicates that all major manufacturer's devices perform adequately and no one device is markedly advanced than any concurrent emulation as the resulting relevant process of hearing seems to be commensurable as all have introduced successful innovations from competition. Currently Advanced Bionics, United States, Cochlear Limited, MED-EL, Austria, and NEURELEC, France are the top manufacturers of cochlear implant devices.

Americas subsidiary, Cochlear Ltd acknowledged in 2004 the complaints of illegal inducements to physicians to promote preferentially Cochlear devices were investigated by U. S. Department of Justice to its shareholders.