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American Sign Language:
Quick Facts

  • Sign Language is NOT universally the same. Most countries have their own Sign Language OR share a given Sign Language with a different dialect.
  • Sign Language is NOT JUST an alphabet where you have to sign each letter of the word you are trying to communicate. Sign Language is a complete language with a sign representing the majority of words found in written English. It's rarely required to spell a word because no sign exist. For example names and surnames are often spelled. The Sign Language Alphabet can serves as a great starting point to learn Sign Language.
  • Sign Language's grammar DIFFER totally from written English.
  • Babies CAN communicate physically 6-8 months prior to communicate verbally.
  • Sign Language does NOT ONLY consists of signs. To communicate effectively one uses:
    1. Facial expression.
    2. Body movement or (Body Language) .
    3. Hand shape.
    4. Hand position.
    5. Hand movement.
    6. Gestures.
  • The first 6 moths are researched to be the most essential stage where a child develops his language skills.
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