100% Money Back Guarantee
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The SignGenius 100% Money Back Guarantee:
SignGenius Sign Language Software carries a one (1) year refundment or replacement guarantee, what ever SignGenius chooses to do.
In the remote case my software does not operate to satisfaction or to any of my realistic claims, this guarantee is applicable.
How The Refund Process Works?
Before refunding or replacing, the process is:
  • I will require you to send me a snapshot of all computer system information. I will provide you with the instructions to do this. This will help me to find the problem.
  • at my laboratory I will investigate the software and computer system information.
  • if it is de-functioning I will either replace or refund
  • which refunding includes shipping costs
The Guarantee Is Not Applicable In Case Of:
  • Misuse
  • Abuse
  • Visible damage not relevant to normal use
  • PC driver programs or other installed software, not compatible
  • Viruses and other harmful influences